Let’s Talk About Anxiety


I am TERRIFIED of heights 🙈 😬

I think it’s because when I was little my parents repeatedly told me the story of how they went to skiing in Whistler, Canada 🏔 it was dark and foggy and they had to ski down with no visibility 😱 #NoThanks

Now I’ve “faced” this fear many times in my life 

– Skydiving in Australia 🐨

– Paragliding in Switzerland 🪂

– Bungee jumping in New Zealand🇳🇿

And each time I’ve been able to face it in the moment, but then I’m just as scared the next time I have to cross a suspension bridge or hike on a ledge 😟

Now I see my fear of heights the same way I see my anxiety❣️

Sometimes in the moment I’m able to beat it! 

⭐️I speak up even though I’m scared I’ll sound dumb

⭐️I go the the party even though I don’t know anyone

⭐️I try something new even though I’m scared of failing

Yet anxiety still comes creeping back and it’s always there making me question and doubt myself 🙈

Over the past few years I’ve learned A LOT about managing my anxiety. But I realized I’ll never fully “overcome” it and that’s ok! 

I still have plenty of days and moments where my anxiety DOES get the best of me 

Some things we can’t just “fix”

But as I build up my toolkit for managing my anxiety, I’ve come to see how it makes me more emotionally intelligent and socially aware, overall helping me better support my friends and family ❤️

I’ve learned to no longer see my anxiety as just a flaw, but a part of me that makes me who I am🥳

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