I should really get that tattooed on my arm as a reminder

When we feel refreshed and at peace with ourselves we have even more love and energy to spend on those around us!!❣️

Now being an introvert I was staying home and socially distancing before it was cool #QuarantineLyfe 😎

But even when at home recharging I’m usually checking my email, cleaning the house, basically doing anything that makes me feel “busy” 🧹

You know what they say “an idle mind is the devils workshop” – especially for us over thinkers 🤷🏻‍♀️

But I try to spend one day a month taking care of ME – I act intentionally and focus on what I WANT to do 🙋🏻‍♀️

✅ Be self aware if you start doing something and your hearts not in it switch it up!
✅ Try to unplug – I try not to go on my phone until noon to give myself a peaceful morning
✅ Be intentional self care is more than face masks and bingeing Netflix (although these are usually in the routine) sometimes it’s also going on a walk or doing some yoga
✅ Get creative! Doodling in my iPad or working on my bullet journal are some of my fav activities!

❌ Force it – If something comes up or you’re not in the right headspace reschedule
❌ Over indulge – it’s ok to treat yo self but caring for ourselves also means caring for our body in healthy ways
❌ Just Follow my advice, find what works best for you!

The point of the the self care day is to help you feel refreshed. Let me know how you take care of yourself in the comments below!

This weekend, even if it’s just for an hour I encourage you to do something not to be productive or because you think you should but genuinely do something for yourself! 🥰🥳

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